The MATLAB GPSS Toolbox represents a modified subset of the GPSS block set in MATLAB. Moreover, it supports the combination of classic GPSS commands with MATLAB expressions in a nearly unlimitted fashion and it contains extensions for modeling and simulation of hybrid systems using MATLAB's ODE solver or the SIMULINK engine.

The toolbox was originally developed from 1997 to 1999 with MATLAB 5.3.
The recent version 1.2 is adapted to Matlab 7.5.

Using the Toolbox
The toolbox is not public domain. However, usage of the toolbox is free of charge,
but it requires an Email registration and a MATLAB installation.

Developed by:
Institute of Automatic Control, University of Rostock, Germany [*]
Research Group Computational Eng. & Automation, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany [#]
Authors: W. Drewelow[*], T. Pawletta[#], S. Pawletta[#], R. Kaehler[*], M. Kirchhoff
(Parts of the toolbox are based on algorithms of SIMFOR, a FORTRAN library for GPSS based simulation, developed for Miniframes by R. Knocke & K.-J. Lohse (University of Magdeburg) in the early eighties.)

2009, CEA, IAT