The CEA group is an interdisciplinary research group of the
Faculty of Engineering at the University of Wismar.
We are active in the research areas
Computational Engineering, Automation and Sensor Systems.

For more information about our group, events, research seminars, and publications visit official CEA-Website at Wismar University.

Software Projects (CEA at github)

Integration of Reinforcement Learning and Discrete Event Simulation Using MATLAB/Simulink and SimEvents ( Code Examples, MATLAB File Exchange)

NSA-DEVS for MATLAB: Non Standard Analysis Discrete Event System Specification M&S

Python-Based eSES/MB Infrastructure: Automation of Simulation Experiments

SES Toolbox for Matlab / Simulink: Ontology assisted modeling using the SES/MB approach

Robotic Control & Visualization Toolbox for Matlab (Videos)
MatlabKukaKRL: Kuka Control toolbox for Matlab and Scilab

MatlabDP: Distributed processing toolbox for Matlab

MatlabDS: Distributed and parallel simulation toolbox for Matlab

MatlabHLA: HLA toolbox for use with Matlab

libF90HLA: Provides HLA functionality within Fortran90

MatlabGPSS: GPSS toolbox for Matlab

hyPDEVS Toolbox for MATLAB: (former MatlabDEVS Tbx) - an advanced DEVS implementation for hybrid system modeling and simulation

MbedTarget: Embedded and Simulink coder support package for Mbed OS 5

Members & Contact:

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Pawletta, Prof. Dr. em. Peter Dünow,
Prof. Dr. Sven Pawletta, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Olaf Simanski,
Prof. Dr. (PhD) Olaf Hagendorf, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christina Deatcu
Jörg Zucknik, M.Eng. Steffen Lack, M.Eng. Jan Bartelt.

PhD Students:
M.Eng. Hendrik Folkerts (ext.), M.Eng. David Jammer,

Carolin Grodt,
Lukas Burmeister,
Gerrit Hinrichs,
David Altmann.

Please, follow one of the members' links for particular contact information.

2022 - C. Deatcu, T. Pawletta, P. Dünow, S. Pawletta, O. Simanski
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