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Thorsten Pawletta

Professor of Applied Computer Science
Engineering Faculty
Research Group Computational Engineering and Automation (CEA)
Hochschule Wismar - University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Pawletta
Hochschule Wismar
PF 1210,
D-23952 Wismar, Germany

Visit: Philipp-Müller-Str., Build. 17, Room 417
Phone: ++49-(0)3841-753-7406; Fax.: ++49-(0)3841-753-7132
Email: thorsten.pawletta[at]

Main Fields of Interest:

System theoretical and computational methods of modeling and simulation (M&S)
DEVS-based M&S, hybrid systems, simulation and control
Approaches for automated experimentation with large-scale models
Development of M&S frameworks
M&S in robotics, engineering and manufacturing
Machine learning in simulation and robotic controls

Information to:

LECTURES & Infos to Student Projects (in German)
Finished PhD & Student Projects (Selection) (German)

RESEARCH & Publications
Thorsten Pawletta on ResearchGate

ASIM - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation
SNE - Simulation Notes Europe (Open Access Journal)
Eurosim - Federation of European Simulation Societies
SCS - The Society for Modeling & Simulation International


Thorsten Pawletta