Sven Pawletta

Professor for Application Programming
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Research Group Computational Engineering and Automation


Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Pawletta
Hochschule Wismar, FB Elektrotechnik & Informatik
PF 1210, D-23952 Wismar, Germany

Visit: Main Campus, Phillip-Müller-Str., Build. 17
Phone: ++49/3841/753-7417, Fax: ++49/3841/753-7130

Lectures (SS 2021):
Prj.-Sem. (Bachelor, nach Absprache)
Prj.-Sem. (Master, nach Absprache)
FO-Sem. (Master, nach Absprache)
ENP (Bachelor 6. Sem.)
SKS (Master 1. Sem.)
Mar. 2021, S. Pawletta