To install the interpreter for the Kawasaki FS003N, first you have to copy the programpackage KCwinTCP to the folder Robotic-Toolbox/Kawasaki-Interpreter.

KCwinTCP is part of the whole robot-package. This folder should look like that now :

After starting this program, you have to create a connection to a robot with a prior to that specified IP-adress.

1. Take option Com/Options and specifiy the IP-adress of the robot and push the button ADD. The IP-Adress is defined on the robotcontroller via option Aux 0812 Network Settings

2. Take option Com/Connect and connect to the robot. You have to be sure that the robotcontroller is switched on and is connected to the PC or hub via LAN-cable.

3. After successfull creation of a connection you have to type as as login.

4. Type load daten.pg to load the interpreter into the memory of the robotcontroller. (The errormessage does not matter)

5. Quit KCwinTCP

6. Configure SYSTEM-SWITCHES (Aux 0502) of the robot controller


To start the interpreter later, you have to choose the startserver-routine via the touchpanel, or you use the command ex startserver via KCwinTCP. If the flag AUTOSTART.PC is on, the startserver-routine starts automatically after switching the motor on.

The menue of the interpreter looks like that :

    ----             R O B O T I C - T O O L B O X            ----
  ----                     Ver. 2010/10/18                      ----
 ----          (w) by Michael Christern & Artur Schmidt          ----
  ---  Research Group : Computational Engineering and Automation ---
   ---        University of Applied Sciences Wismar, Germany    ---
(1) Create Server-Socket
(2) Start Interpreter
(3) Create Server-Socket Port:40000
    and start Interpreter
(4) Close Server-Socket
(5) Quit Startserver

Option Description
1 Creation of a server-socket with a specified port and waiting until a MATLAB(R)-client connected to this server
2 Starting the interpreting
3 Creation of a server-socket with port 40000 and starting the interpreting
4 Closing the serversocket and the connection to the client, quitting startserver
5 Quitting startserver [the serversocket is still active] (startable through ex startserver or pushing the green button)

Note: With option (3) you can create a serversocket with port 40000 and start the interpreting with only one option. If the startserver-routine crashes or ends, you can easily start the routine again by typing ex startserver or pushing the green button on the robot-controller. With option (2) the interpreting process can be continued/started.

With option (5) and the function rteach it's possible to teach and read positions easily.

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Robotic-Toolbox (w) by Michael Christern & Artur Schmidt / Research Group Computational Engineering and Automation / University of Applied Sciences Wismar / Germany 2010