Necessary Preparations

Before starting the KUKA-Interpreter installation, please prepare the integration of your additional PC into KUKA environment. Therefore you have to connect your PC to the KUKA-Controller via serial interface (RS232). Use a crossover cable for this connection. Please read the KUKA manual: "CREAD CWRITE" to configure the ComPort on your KUKA-Controller.


The process of installation starts with the configuration of the Interpreter-Program within the Matlab environment. The Interpreter-Program will run on the KUKA-Controller later on. It is responsible for the identification and execution of commands that are transmitted by the PC.

1. Change to the directory Robotic-Toolbox/KUKA-Interpreter and execute the m-Function configinterpreter.m

2. Use the options (5) and (6) , to configure the ComPort for serial communication. For detailed informationen concerning the interface name (default : SER_2 ) and the related data-parameter (default $DATA_SER2 ) please refer to the KUKA-manual: " CREAD CWRITE ". Change the interrupt-priority by option (4) , if applicable. (By the way, you can choose an option by typing the related number into the command line.)

3. Define a filename by option (2) for the destination file.

4. Subsequently, you can start the process of configuration by option (7) . The "placeholder variables" for BufferSize, InterruptPriority, ComPortData, ComPort in the source file KR3MAT-SERVER-RC3 are replaced by the reassigned values and are written to the destination file afterwards.

5.Now there are two additional files in your current matlab directory: interpreter.dat , interpreter.src in this case. Finally you terminate the process of configuration by option (8).

6. The files interpreter.dat, interpreter.src form a "KRL module", that is used as Interpreter-Program. Subsequently this Interpreter-Program is commissioned on the KUKA-Controller (KRC). Therefore copy both files on a storage device.

7. Switch on the the KUKA-Controller and start the KUKA programming environment (standard software KR C). Change to the user group Expert. Create a folder with the name of Interpreter-Program interpreter. Copy the files interpreter.dat, interpreter.src from the storage device into this folder.

NOTE: The copy process has to be executed within the KUKA programming environment.

8. "Select" the * .src-Datei: interpreter.src. Start the Interpreter-Program in the execution mode " GO ", that means all program statements are executed until the end of program is reached, without stopping. Now the Interpreter-Program is ready to receive instructions from Matlab-PC.

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