The DP-Toolbox Home Page

DP-Toolbox stands for Distributed and Parallel Application Toolbox. It realizes the Multi-SCE Approach (SCE = scientific and technical computing environment) to support a convenient development of distributed and parallel MATLAB applications.

The recent toolbox version DP 1.7 is applicable with MATLAB 6.5.x and 7.x.x on Unix platforms. Inside the DP-Toolbox the message-passing system PVM 3.4 is used.

The DP-Toolbox is publicly available. Last release is DP 1.7.0 published on February 2nd, 2005.

Here are the code fragments of the at journal contribution "Parallelverarbeitung mit Matlab - DC- und DP-Toolbox im Vergleich" ("Parallel Processing with Matlab - Comparison between DC- and DP-Toolbox").

March 21 2006, Rene Fink, Sven Pawletta